2017 St Louis The Day they Clinched

Best part of this trip was lunch the afternoon before the game.

Instead of eating at the Convention Center with work, my friend and i ventured to a place we had been hearing everyone talk about… Sauce on the Side. It’s a calzone place, they serve the pizza sauce on the side in a dish instead of in the calzone. yes, it was tasty but the main attraction during lunch was sitting right next to us.

That’s right, Rizz, J-Hey & Bussey were chowing down at the table directly to my right. We had been sitting across the way but the sun was hitting me right in the eyes. After looking around to find a table, i spotted the perfect one in the shade and close to the doors (gotta be close to the drink refill). 

Sat down and Shelly said, “Holy f*ckin shit, isn’t that Anthony Rizzo!” I turned slowly and saw them laughing at something Rizzo was showing them from his phone. I swear Heyward looked right at me and that’s when i froze. Tears welled up in my eyes and i couldn’t move. I couldn’t believe they were right there and all i could do was think, ‘damn i wish jason was here, he’d know what to do… do i go say hi, do i leave them alone, do i freak out, do i puke cause that’s definitely what i feel like doing!’ 

Needless to say, i was trying, unsuccessfully, to be nonchalant about taking their picture. Eventually Rizzo smiled, waved and said ‘Thank you’ with a nod when Shelly mouthed, ‘Big Fans’ and she was pointing back and forth between the two of us. 

It was unbelievable. 


If you look at the guys picture in full resolution, it looks like they are facetiming Dexter Fowler!

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