September 2017 Busch Stadium again

September of 2017, watched a 3 game series at Busch Stadium versus St Louis while on another trip for work. I believe i have Shelly hooked on Chicago Cubs baseball or she was just there to see how close she could get to Wilson Contreras!

First 2 games of the series our seats were on the front row in left center, right next to the Cubs bullpen. On the final game, we sat right 17 rows up from home plate. Pretty good seats. 

Maybe I am biased, but the seats in the outfield were much better. The two games we sat in the outfield, we were surrounded by Chicago fans. To me, Chicago fans are there to watch the game and know how to act at a baseball game. While sitting behind the plate, we were surrounded by St Louis people. The ushers let people walk up and down the aisles while the pitchers were throwing, never made anyone sit down. Usually, you wait til the pitch is thrown before heading back down to your seat. Once it hit the 8th though, Cardinals fans deserted the team and it was easier to watch the game. Nice stadium but the fans were awful. 

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