Wrigley 2009

Took our first trip to Chicago in July/August of 2009.




We were there for a five days. Yes, Chicago itself was awesome, the buildings, the people, the sites but Wrigleyville was the main attraction. The tour of Wrigley was a highlight. The tour guides were very insightful and the people on our tour all seemed to be huge fans and everyone was asking great questions. They even take you out onto the field when you can sit in the dugout. Don’t tell anyone, but i swiped a handful of the backstop dirt and dropped it into the lanyard pouch that had my game ticket and pass. 🙂

We were right behind home plate and the game couldn’t have been better. Tie ballgame to the 13th, when Soriano hit a walk off Grand Slam.

Thanks for making this priceless…..all hail Soriano!

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